1.6  Contributions of this thesis

This section provides an overview of the scientific contributions along with the corresponding publication history, since most of the results have been published in conference proceedings or scientific journals.

1.6.1  Contributions to depth estimation

Depth estimation has been widely investigated, but we have added two contributions by adding smoothness constraints.

The concept of integrating these smoothness constraints into a one-dimensional optimization algorithm was published in the Proceedings of the IEEE ICCE [74] and an elaborate description in the corresponding IEEE Transactions [75].

1.6.2  Contributions to image rendering

We propose two novel algorithms for rendering synthetic images using multiple depth and texture images.

Preliminary results on image rendering were published in the Proceedings of the Symposium on Information Theory in the Benelux [68] and the new formulation of the relief texture rendering algorithm was published in the Proceedings of the SPIE SDA conference [64]. The inverse mapping is a new unpublished result of which a publication is under development.

1.6.3  Contributions to multi-view video coding

This part forms the most significant contribution of this thesis.